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Important: Whitelist me

Sometimes, my mails land up in spam / junk folder or promotions (in GMail) tab as I send mails to many people. There is a way to avoid that. Please add my E-mail address to your Contacts/ Address Book.

Instructions for GMail: You are in GMail Inbox and the emails are listed here displaying sender’s name (me in this case) and subject. Bring your mouse to the email and hover mouse over the sender’s name. This opens a small pop-up box. You can see a link ‘Add to contacts’ in the bottom left of this box. Click on ‘Add to Contacts’. 

Pop-up box with 'Add to Contacts' option
GMail: Adding an email sender as contact from your Inbox and whitelist it.

If you have opened the mail, you can still follow the same steps:

Pop-up box with 'Add to Contacts' link
GMail: Adding an email sender as contact from your mail.

Upon clicking on ‘Add to contacts’ list, you will get confirmation message on top of the page:

Confirmation message toward the top of page.
GMail: Confirmation message about adding to Contacts


Instructions for Yahoo Mail: There doesn’t seem to be a direct way. Instead, go to Address Book by clicking on its icon (highlighted by red circle in below pic) and add the sender manually.

Check YahooMail Address-book icon
YahooMail: Add sender’s email address to Address Book


Instructions for Outlook Mail: In the mail, hover your mouse over sender’s image (highlighted in red rectangle in below pic). It will open a small pop-up box. Click on three dots for more options in bottom right of this box and you will get link to ‘Add to contacts’. Click on ‘Add to contacts’.

Pop-up box with 'Add to contacts' link in Outlook Web-mail
Outlook Web-mail: Add sender’s email address to Contacts

Contact me

Drop me mail at my personal email-id should you face any problem. You may enjoy going through my blog posts. Thanks again for subscribing and wish you all the best for your journey in the world of blogging!

MK Bhanu

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