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We are living in exciting times. Isn’t it? Who thought two decades ago, the world would be like it is today? Since its inception more than 2 decades ago, internet has come a long way. It has touched every aspect of our lives…. the way we find and get information… the way we connect with others…. the way we share our joys and sorrows… the way we live actually! Internet has also revolutionized the way we learn… the way we find opportunities… and realize our goals… be it in the field of business… or entertainment… or sports… or art… or anything under the sun for that matter!


Till around a decade and a half ago, it wasn’t possible for an average person to do something like creating website or online business. Her/his online experience was restricted by the features provided by various social media platforms. Anything more than that required specialized knowledge of web-technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. and various web-site builder tools like Dreamweaver, etc. which was outside the domain of most of the internet users.

In recent years, the technology has evolved and gone past a critical point where you don’t need to master any of the web technologies in order to build your online presence, website or online business. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that even a layman, who can surf the net and do basic tasks on a computer, can learn to leverage the internet.


With the passage of time and its ubiquity, we have taken this technology, which has transformed the face of humanity, for granted and most of us have grossly underestimated the power of this great tool.

Not to say, many people have fallen victim to the time-wasting habits on the internet. How many times it has happened to you that you sat online to do something as innocuous as building your professional network on LinkedIn and a little while later, you didn’t have any clue why you were commenting on that post on Facebook or watching a funny video on YouTube. We have all gone through such experiences.

In short, it’s a great servant but a bad master. We utilize it for a useful outcome and it’s great servant. We get overwhelmed by its enormosity and it turns out to be a bad master. It is a great tool and it depends on us how we make use of it and how disciplined and responsible are we in using it.


Internet has opened the doors of opportunity for all making the world one big community. You can find everything, all the information, every tool, you need to do what you want to, and any kind of people, to collaborate on anything. You just need to learn how to leverage it !

And, if you have followed through till here, the goal for you is: To make use of this opportunity to establish your desired outcome whether it is… to build an online presence for showcasing your professional talent and skills… or create blog for expression of your life or passion… or internet marketing or blogging for money or whatever it is…

During these years, the technology hasn’t just gone beyond the critical point but it has evolved further to make several tasks easy and automate them, wherever possible.


We have web-site builders and blogging platforms with highly simplified and easy to use features to design web-pages. For example, this website is developed on I have my tech-blog on Google Blogger.

The concept of internet marketing has evolved to a great extent and there are advanced tools for email automation which are crucial for businesses, website owners and bloggers to send regular and most of the times, automated messages to their audience following a workflow.

Then there are web-site hosts providing support for various blogging platforms so that you don’t need to know the underlying technicalities. There are add-ons to further simplify designing web-sites or blogs and providing ready-made templates with options for customization. I will discuss all of that in my future posts or my emails you subscribe to, taking example of my blog.

If you are a beginner, you must be curious and the question “Where can I post a blog for free?” would be coming to your mind. I have published e-book to walk you through starting with the very basics.


This is the title of the e-book I have designed for bringing home the point and is intended to help beginners get started with a Google Blogger or Blog. I have tried to share my experience on the journey of personal blogging and covered the basics. Here are the excerpts from the e-book:

What is a blog?

Blog is short form for weblog (relating to web) and the two terms are used interchangeably. A blog is an on-line personal journal updated frequently. The updates (the new additions) are called blog posts or posts. The posts are in reverse chronological order, the latest one pushing the earlier ones down so that the latest is on the top.


A blogging platform is basically a Content Management System (CMS), an application software, allowing creation and modification of digital content. So the purpose of a CMS is to help in creating and maintaining websites and blogs.


Where can I post my blog for free?

There are many CMS systems and the most popular ones are: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are all Free, open-source and community driven projects. They are distributed under General Public Licence (GPL). New to the concept of software user freedom? I must mention that though in these cases they are all free price-wise but the term Free doesn’t exactly mean that rather it stands for user freedom around the software rights as compared to freedom of speech and other freedoms we are entitled to. Read more from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg in The Four Freedoms.


Principally, the user should have the freedom to run the software, share it, study it and modify it. This campaign is spearheaded by Richard Matthew Stallman (known by his initials RMS), the American software freedom activist. Thats an interesting topic in itself but it’s time to get back to answering our original question: “Where can I post a blog for free?”


The most popular CMS systems


The most popular CMS is WordPress used by more than 27% of the top 10 million websites and in all, supporting 60 million websites. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require technical skills (knowledge of web technologies or programming languages), so perfect for even absolute beginners. It’s suitable for blogs, small-to-medium sized websites and smaller e-commerce stores.



Joomla is a step ahead and requires basic understanding of technical stuff. Also the user-interface is not as simple and easy as WordPress. But it offers more features and flexibility so it’s more powerful tool. Supports excellently the social networking and e-commerce websites of fair complexity.



Drupal is the most powerful platform but the most difficult too. It requires technical knowhow (HTML, CSS and PHP) to be able to work and you may need to work with a developer familiar with Drupal to get things done. It supports not only CMS but can handle web-sites of any complexity.


Conclusion: The Best Free Blog

If you are a beginner, you just need CMS for blogging, you don’t want to struggle with the technology to build and publish your website or blog rather you want to see it growing fast. I am sure you understand by now that WordPress is the best choice.


While talking about the ease of creating and maintaining a blog, I certainly can’t forget to mention Blogger from Google which was my first publishing platform for my another techblog and is probably the easiest to work with. Still I have not included it alongside WordPress, Joomla and Drupal because of its limitations. Once you are done with creating your blog and start publishing, after some time you want to do more like adding some features, and that is when you hit the wall, if you are using Blogger.


When I wanted to start working on my second website (or blog, you may call it for now), I chose WordPress for the same reasons. We will deal with WordPress blogging starting with basics before moving onto advanced topics.


You can sign-up to get this e-book + the email updates from me with crucial information and resources essential for the absolute beginners from my experience. Stay tuned for getting the latest articles from this section.

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Thank you for your interest and stopping by. If you liked it, please share this page in your social circles. Wish you All the Best and… Enjoy blogging!

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