Awesome ! It is possible to create blog full of features without any knowledge of web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

In recent years, the technology has gone beyond a point where it’s no more required to learn them to create blog or web-site. Thanks to these developments, there are many blogging tools and techniques available now. Many of them are free.

Despite of that writing the About page wasn’t easy, I wrote and rewrote and rewrote. Because blogging is personal and the bloggers are passionate about their story, I had to write it from a fresh and personal perspective.

The Story Behind…

Like you and all bloggers, I have a story… a story with my lessons. And when I had to write the About page, I thought it to be the appropriate place to share it. I hope my trials and lessons are helpful in your blogging journey.

A Brief History

In year 2011, besides my day job, I was exploring the possibilities available online, something which I could do from the comfort of my home or anywhere for that matter. After a few weeks of research, I kick-started my website themed on ERP software. I was working as an ERP consultant with a global consulting company.

In a few months, I had a functional website and I was engaging on social media, researching keywords, writing articles, and a lot more.

In 2012, I decided to monetize and started earning some income from Google Adsense (displaying ads on my website) and Amazon (by referring my audience to them) as its affiliate.

I realized at this point that I didn’t have much avenues for income except Google Adsense and Amazon due to the nature of the topic I chose for my website. I felt worn-out too. I started on a topic because I knew about it but I wasn’t really passionate about it.

Partially because I lost much of my interest due to these reasons and also because I got busy with my work and life, the website was lying cold for a year or so.

I later decided to move it to a blog changing my domain name, which turned out to be a wrong move because I lost all my search engine rankings for various keywords. But I wasn’t bothered about it as I didn’t want to build further on this.

My Lesson

In hindsight, it’s easy to figure it out. It needs wisdom to foresee and act. I lacked clear goals and strategy. I kind of acted randomly. Internet is an enormous source of information and It’s too easy to get overwhelmed.

On the front of monetizing, I know now Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate were the least effective ways of earning from a website and I plan to write about it in some post. Setting up things online is part of a well thought-out strategy to achieve clear goals.

New Vision

All these years, I was exploring ways and information about personal blogging tools, creating websites, and internet marketing.

With the passage of time, it dawned on me I was passionate about blogging and websites. I was equipped, due to years of exploration, with knowledge of resources and the blogging tools.

I grew aware how this knowledge can be helpful for anyone trying to create personal blog and facing the same questions and problems which I faced. And this is what I am here for !

Join And Stay Connected

This new vision inspires the mission statement for this space:

Share information and advise about crucial resources for your Blogging needs and continue to explore to expand horizons of my knowledge in this pursuit.

Toward this endeavour, I have published an e-book “Your Guide to Blogging and Creating Websites” for absolute beginners with valuable information on the blogging resources. If you are a beginner and looking forward to start a personal blog or create a website, I invite you to join my email-list to get your Free copy and receive occasional email updates straight in your inbox and benefit from them:

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