eXperience Google+: The social media for your Blog

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Google+: Communities page

Google+ is a cutting edge and powerful social media platform. Incidentally it is also one many have all wrong. Many bloggers and brands use Google+ as part of implementing their social media strategy. And those, who are able to tame the beast, are its die-hard fans and find it magnetic! Google+ increasing focus on providing an interest-based social experience has led to the introduction of easy to use navigation and features like Collections. It is quickly becoming a place where users engage with topic-focused content and people who inspire them. It is gaining popularity and value as an important tool for bloggers.

To make the point, I created a 5-article series “Why you should be on Google+” on my main tech-blog and here is the brief and links to them:

1- Immersive Look-and-Feel: An amazingly wonderful and sleek Interface, free from clutter, advertisements and noise from so many quarters! Awesome, isn’t it? That means whole space is available to posts and I really find it intriguing…

2- Circles: ‘Circles’ is highly useful feature of Google Plus. Conceptually, it provides you a flexible way of sharing information – (same or) different posts with different set of people…

3- Communities: Communities are yet another powerful feature of Google+. Communities help you share with people of similar interests what you find interesting…

4- Collections: Collections is a comparatively new Google+ feature helping improve this focus further. It was launched on 4th May, 2015. ‘Collections’ helps users in organising posts by the topics they care about…

5- Events: Events is a very useful feature helpful in organising a get-together. An Event can be created for connecting online or gathering at a place for party, meeting or any function…

Have any questions? Feel free to jump in and ask below in comments. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy learning the amazing Google+…

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