Happy with Look & Feel of your Blog?

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Don’t know those days, there was much choice about the typefaces, colours and style, writing with a quill pen on a scroll of parchment or, may be it all depended upon the dexterity of the writer, we have become capable in due course of time to be equipped with tools to perform the art better.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a wonderful tool assisting online publishers in this art. It is a simple markup (style sheet) language describing the style i.e. presentation of a web page, an HTML document. The presentation includes aspects like the layout, colours and fonts. It was designed to separate the presentation layer from the content layer. What that means is you can modify CSS of your blog without impacting the content.

Even greater advantage is CSS controls the look and feel of the whole site. Any CSS change takes effect all across unlike HTML changes which are restricted to one page on the site.

Coming to WordPress.com, we have 4 plans here: Free, Personal, Premium and Business. Free and Personal plans offer some control over Look & Feel of your site in Customize theme under Personalize module but they don’t give you access to your site’s CSS.

Besides offering you access to premium themes, Premium and Business plans however provide complete control over CSS and you can even replace the current CSS with your own. If you don’t know CSS, you can still make minor changes with the help of online resources and support forum. That way you can tweak those one or two things which you want to change about the look of your site.

Customizing with CSS
WordPress.com: Customizing with CSS in Premium and Business plans

This support article ‘How to Add Custom CSS‘ provides details about how you can go about it. You can also find links there to third party tutorials, Daily Post series of articles (kind of starting point for the beginners), and CSS customization Support Forum.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and utilize this amazing option. Fix those things about your blog, which you always wanted to. It may turn out to be a small one-line change. In the next blog post, I will share how adding a few lines I changed the Look & Feel of my theme making it more pleasing, at least to me 🙂 I will be happy to know your thoughts in the comments below. Best of luck and Happy Blogging!

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