Blogging for Nobody?

[ Posted for Beginners in WordPress Daily Prompt ]

Magnets… I was always awed by their mysterious power! I found them fascinating in my childhood and till day they have not lost their charm. Do you share a similar experience? We tend to call everything, that is attractive, MAGNETIC. Magnetic eyes… magnetic personality… and so on… As a blogger, you want to attract readers like a magnet. I am going to discuss about one way to achieve it for WordPress bloggers. And here is the clue: I wrote this post in response to today’s one word prompt: MAGNET. Known as Daily Prompt, it is a challenge from WordPress Daily Post, a’s initiative to help WordPress bloggers find audience.

Daily Prompt

Your link is here: Visit the link and you will find a grid of words with dates in a calendar form. The words are the prompts for those dates respectively. Now, click on the latest word. It was ‘Magnet’ on June 29, 2017 and it opens the page below:

Daily Prompt challenge: Word for the day for WordPress bloggers to respond to.
Daily Prompt challenge from WordPress’s The Daily Post

Apart from displaying a little intro and link to ‘get started’ info in the header, it shows the number of responses received till that time and the grid of links to the responding posts below the header.

There is a small text written below the title ‘214 Responses’, with ‘Show instructions’ link in the end. When I click this link I get the following:

Instruction: HTML link to include in your post
Daily Prompt: Show instructions

I copied this piece of html code

<a href="">Magnet</a>

, opened this Blog Post and shifted from Visual editor to HTML editor. I then copied it in the first line, modified it a little bit to suit my need as follows:

[ Posted for Beginners in <a href="">WordPress Daily Prompt</a> ]

The result is the first line below the title of this post and of course, listing of my post at Daily Prompt page of the day! This works on a mechanism called Pingbacks, you can read about it here and here.

A good tool for Bloggers for building audience!

Needless to say you should respond to the current prompt because that’s the place people are hanging around and reading the stuff. It’s a great way to reach people in the beginning and build your initial follower-ship, when nobody knows about your blog. It lets you gain traction and mark your presence before others. Of course, it helps afterwards too. Read here a few tips about writing for prompts.

I share important stuff for would-be bloggers and website starters. The absolute beginners, don’t feel left out. I have created a guide in the form of an e-book: “Your Guide to Blogging and Creating a Website”. You can Sign Up to get it and subscribe to the email updates here.

I sincerely thank you for your interest and continued support. It truly means a lot to me and encourages me to support the bloggers’ community and WordPress. I hope you enjoy your time being here and find the posts and articles informative and useful. Happy Blogging!

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