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I am filled with amazement to see people committed to blogging across so many areas, and I mean it. I plan to go for an outing and, I bump into a travel blog. I think of buying something, and I land up on a product review blog. There are numerous examples pretty much covering everything under the sun and many are helpful and insightful. I am sure you share somewhat similar experience. According to one source, 2.7 million posts are published everyday and that was in 2016.

As Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Several of the committed bloggers have done tremendous amount of research into their subjects and have put in extra effort to materialise their imagination into something concrete: a blog. Well… when you are committed to that imaginative stuff, I have taken it upon myself to support it with tad bits of knowledge time-to-time and that actually describes the purpose of my web-site.

To help beginners take off, I have published an e-book recently, which may serve to be a reference book for WordPress resources too. I announced about it in my previous blog. I will continue to share many of my learnings here in due course of time.

As you sign up using one of the ‘Sign Up’ button on this web-site, and confirm your email, you will be able to download the e-book and more importantly, email updates with helpful tips.

Let me finish off with one helpful tip. Your theme is an important part of your blog (or site). Somehow it kind of personifies your expression. Of course, not two people are same and you have opportunity to personalise your theme using ‘Customise’ module to make it unique like yourself. It is really helpful to find about the number of ways it can be done.

Let me take an example. I use a theme named ‘Sequential’. If you  want to check the name of your theme, follow these steps (assuming you are logged into Switch to My Site, find Themes tab in the left side-bar and click on it (and not on customize link next to it). You see your current theme on the top and all available themes below it in the grid. You can search using a search term (health, sports, or whatever) across the Free and Premium (paid) themes. You can select a theme, check its live demo and/ or activate it. To know more about it, you can visit its demo site.

Every theme (seems to be:) has a demo site which starts with the theme name (Sequential in my case) and succeded by So demo site for my theme is It has documentation detailing the theme-specific features. For example, the documentation for my theme explains how to make table with 2- or 3-columns. Using this feature, I was able to make text on my Home page flow in 3-columns. Let me try it here for 2-columns:

Theme name


If you have opened the link above, another feature in Sequential theme is to add a button. I have used it to add Sign Up button like this:

Sign Up

You can actually subscribe using this button. I have integrated it with my email marketing software. So subscribe and stay tuned for more. Thanks for being here that far! Happy Blogging 🙂

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