Blogging for Nobody?

[ Posted for Beginners in WordPress Daily Prompt ]

Magnets… I was always awed by their mysterious power! I found them fascinating in my childhood and till day they have not lost their charm. Do you share a similar experience? We tend to call everything, that is attractive, MAGNETIC. Magnetic eyes… magnetic personality… and so on… As a blogger, you want to attract readers like a magnet. I am going to discuss about one way to achieve it for WordPress bloggers. And here is the clue: I wrote this post in response to today’s one word prompt: MAGNET. Known as Daily Prompt, it is a challenge from WordPress Daily Post, a’s initiative to help WordPress bloggers find audience.

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Blogs and Blogging

I am filled with amazement to see people committed to blogging across so many areas, and I mean it. I plan to go for an outing and, I bump into a travel blog. I think of buying something, and I land up on a product review blog. There are numerous examples pretty much covering everything under the sun and many are helpful and insightful. I am sure you share somewhat similar experience. According to one source, 2.7 million posts are published everyday and that was in 2016.

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E-book: Your Guide to Blogging & Creating Websites

Well… It gives me immense pleasure, with a sense of relief, announcing that my small-time pet project, this e-book ‘Your Guide to Blogging & Creating Websites’ came to conclusion and everything is complete now. Though I aimed it for absolute beginners but it can serve the purpose of a reference book on WordPress resources, so may be helpful for others too who have a personal blog and are already blogging for quite some time. The e-book is available now. You can sign up and get the download link in your Inbox.

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