Moving My Website from to

Hmm… It was a tough call to move away from my self-hosted website. But in the light of problems I was facing (discussed in my previous posts), it was imminent perhaps. Especially… when there was no solution in sight. You can understand my predicament to some extent from this mail, and that is only one from the long mail chain, I wrote to my Hosting provider:

Hi there, I had implemented the solutions provided by you and available on your site in March-end: Caching, Removal of Auto-save in WordPress, setting up Cron-job at an interval of 5-mins. You too have done your bit. But despite of all your and my efforts, the results are same. I still have down-times. I had purchased WordPress JetPack to monitor my website and here is a list of frequent down-times: May 5: (1) 1:47 am for 3 minutes, (2) 2:02 am for 38 minutes, (3) 2:47 am for 3 minutes, (4) 3:02 am for 23 minutes (1) 8:56 pm for 4 minutes, (2) 11:31 pm for 3 minutes; May 4: (1) 4:41 pm for 4 minutes; I am sorry but in this situation, I can’t continue hosting here. After migrating my website in the next week, I will request you to refund the balance amount. Thank you so much !

If you are wondering what Jetpack is, let me brief about it. Jetpack is a WordPress plug-in from Automattic. I had installed it on my site for a couple of features: safety from brute attacks, fight comment spam, back-up and many more. It comes with 2 plans: Free and Business. Visit this link for more info. I had purchased Jetpack business plan and the site down-times, I mentioned in my mail above, were recorded by Jetpack monitor. Jetpack monitored my site and whenever it found issues with loading, it sent me notification mail like this :

Notification from JetPack Monitor
Pic. Notification from JetPack Monitor

When I finally made up my mind to migrate to, I raised my query to

Hi Team, I want to migrate my self-hosted website to Currently I have a JetPack business plan. Can I migrate that plan too?

and one of the happiness engineers came with the reply:

Thanks for contacting us! I can help you migrate your site to but please be aware that you’ll need to use a theme from our theme showcase: 

You won’t be able to use the same theme you use currently. If that’s fine, then you can export the content from your WordPress dashboard at Tools > Export. This will give you an xml file which you can upload here:

Click the “Import” button next to WordPress.

This guide has full instructions for importing a site to

Once the site is up and running I’ll switch your Jetpack plan over to a plan. Just let me know when you’re ready. I’m also happy to help with the move if you need a hand.

I followed these instructions and migrated my site and chose my current theme: Sequential. You can find more information on moving (self-hosted) website to at this link and here. So thats how, fortunately or unfortunately (I don’t know), I landed up here 🙂

“Why did I post about it?” Perhaps it helps to throw some light on some of the unforeseen problems that go with self-hosting and helps you if you need to take this decision.

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