My journey from WordPress.Org to WordPress.Com !

Until last week, I had self-hosted website. Yes, there was learning curve and it started with my hosting provider’s Account and cPanel settings. I had implemented many security features and had taken performance measures (any of which is not required on hosted site). I was able to manage my web-site and I felt great to be proud owner of a self-hosted ( flavor) web-site 🙂

Unfortunately, my host had poor performance issues and despite of my following up for more than 2 months 😦 they could not fix it. My web-site responded intermittently or extremely slowly occasionally.

Finally, I had to take the unpleasant decision to migrate this website to WordPress.Com. I didn’t want to waste any more time to try another host. Performance, reliability and availability of web-site was more important but it came at a cost. has a restricted environment. I still miss the features I implemented there and freedom of a self-hosted website. Read more about this in my latest article: Vs


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