Find your niche and audience !

[ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. – Abraham Lincoln ]

Considering blogging or publishing your web-site? If yes, have you thought about the topic around which you will develop your content (blog posts and articles). Your topic is your niche. Along with the ‘How-to-Blog’ part, you can work on your niche parallely.

Firstly, a niche can be any area of focus. For example, your hobby, your passion like fitness, cooking, travelling, yoga, gardening or any sports you are good at. It can be your area of specialization like teaching, psychology, debt management, etc. It can be around sharing your lesson you have learnt in life with those in a similar situation like you and need advice from somebody who has undergone the same challenge.

Secondly, your niche should have an audience making your goal feasible. If your niche is something so obscure nobody is interested in, you have no audience for it. You need to do this feasibility check. There are tools and resources that can help you in this analysis.

Thirdly, your niche should be broad enough so that you have enough material to maintain a steady stream of posts or articles and at the same time, it should be narrow enough to maintain focus and address that specific group of people (but enough number of people to make your proposition viable) – your audience instead of making general for people at large.

Search engines like Google find it easy to identify niche sites from the keyword concentration and spread across the whole website thus niche sites have more chances to appear in search results. So niche websites are search-engine friendly.

Lastly, you should take your time in deciding upon your niche. It’s very important to do it in the early phase. Choosing a wrong niche can be devastating. All your effort may go waste and you may not get the desired results. I have understood its importance from my experience.

On the other hand, if you make the right choice, consistently work on it and follow other rules of the game, you are making progress. Even if you are unable to continue and have to take a break, whenever you are back you can always start from where you had left and build upon your previous work instead of starting it afresh !