Present your idea !

[ Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. -Eleanor Roosevelt ]

Everybody has a unique mind. People have different life-experiences. All have their own share of goof-ups. Life has taught them sometimes different lessons and other times similar lessons in different ways. When I talk to people, I realize one thing: though they may have different interests or are from different backgrounds, all of them have ideas, which they are convinced with. It may be a crude idea which needs polishing, a too early idea whose time hasn’t come and all sorts of ideas.

It’s probably the normal wear and tear of life that drains most people’s energy or their priorities occupy whole of their lives that they are unable to work on their ideas. I can’t comment on that. Or may be things may change for some of them, if not for all, if they have a fresh look at it upon the realization of a fact…

The fact that we stand at a unique point in the history of mankind when so many people have the potential of (and many are) connecting to or reaching masses, which was never ever possible before! By virtue of Internet Revolution, we are in a unique position, far different from our forefathers, where we can broadcast our ideas, collaborate with people anywhere in the world and so many other possibilities.

My article ‘Why leverage internet?‘ emphasises upon the same point and answers why we, common people without the resources of big corporates or goverments, should leverage the power of internet technology. Enjoy reading it and share your thoughts below.

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