The First Blog Post !

I created my first web-site in year 2011 in my niche, SAP ERP, being an SAP consultant. Later on, I migrated my web-site to Blogger, Google’s blogging platform for the reasons discussed at length in the About Me section.

If you don’t know about some of the terms like Blogger, WordPress, etc. used in this article, it’s perfectly fine. This web-site doesn’t require any previous knowledge. This article is just to set the stage for the upcoming learning material.

Having spent a couple of years with Blogger, I felt restricted by the choice of themes, their dated look and feel, and lack of flexibility… also a bit disappointed by lack of will on part of Google in revamping or enhancing Blogger.

Of course, there are big plus points: It’s free and super simple to work with and integrated with Google Adsense for monetizing the blog.

So for somebody like me not being new to creating websites and blogging, starting all over again on a new platform like WordPress was a breeze of fresh air. It was exciting of course, but not without challenges. But the best part was: there was an entire ecosystem around WordPress which let me find my way through these challenges…

I was of course aware of WordPress and interested in it for a long time. So when the time came to start a new project, I opted for WordPress. In this space, I will try to provide answers to the following questions broadly:

  • Why to blog? How can it be rewarding?
  • What are the choices available for blogging platform? Which one should you choose?
  • How to blog? How to start and take it to the next level using social media and email marketing?
  • What are the resources available which can help you in your journey?

So stay tuned and enjoy your journey into the world of blogging. Thanks for your interest !

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